D’lites low fat soft serve ice cream is now available to existing dessert shops. You can increase store sales simply by offering D’lites to your menu.

In 1982 we opened D’lites Emporium in Plantation, Florida. We have expanded D’lites Emporium since 1982. When you look at the locations page you will see how we have grown.The concept for our dietary products has not changed from the first day we opened. We never wanted to be, nor are we just an ice cream store. We are an emporium that specializes in dietary products. The dictionary defines the word “diet” as a prescribed selection of foods. The first thing that comes to mind is weight loss. But weight loss is only one type of diet. Your diet maybe for allergies, diabetes, reduced carbohydrates, gluten free, low fat, salt free, vegetarian, sugar free, religious reasons the list goes on and on.Our mission is to offer our customers the finest selection of products to meet their dietary needs.The single most popular product at all Dlites locations is our proprietary frozen dessert. The D’lites Emporium ice cream is low in sodium, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. It is cholesterol free, and a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. Our low fat ice cream gives you the taste and texture that sets Dlites Emporium apart from every company and product in the industry. Our experience since 1982 can’t be matched. Our federally registered product mark cannot be duplicated.As always we pride ourselves on the attention given to each one of our customers. And, thank them for our success. Please feel free to e-mail us so we can answer any questions you may have about D’lites Emporium.