Licensing Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a D’lites Emporium licensee. Purchasing a D’lites Emporium license enables you to profit from the healthy alternative lifestyle .Under our program, D’lites licensees’ pay no royalties nor contribute to any advertising fund. The one time license fee allows you to open a D’lites Emporium and use our federally registered product mark. You may choose to call your store something other than D’lites Emporium, that is your option.You are under NO OBLIGATION to carry any special inventory items. Products that you choose to carry in your location will be entirely your decision. The D’lites staff will assist you in site selection, store layout, equipment needed, supplies, advertising and training. We will assist you only if you ask. You will never be told it must be done this way. Absolute control of your store rests entirely with you. Since 1982, when Susan and Jerry Corsover opened their first location in Plantation, Florida they have expanded throughout Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru. D’lites Emporium success is built on the success of each licensee, one location at a time.We look forward to meeting with you and getting started on a “dliteful” future together. Thank you again for your interest in D’lites Emporium.